Senior Companion Program

Senior Companions receive a modest tax-free stipend, reimbursement for transportation, meals during service, annual physical examinations, and accident and liability insurance while on duty.
In addition to these benefits, the program gives participants the opportunity to share a lifetime of experience with youth and other seniors.
Senior Companions must meet income eligibility requirements and be at least 55 years of age. They must participate in pre-service orientation and in training workshops throughout their service.
senior5 The Senior Companion Program is a service initiative through which people ages 55 and older provide assistance and friendship to elderly individuals who are homebound and, generally, living alone. By taking care of simple chores, providing transportation to medical appointments, and offering contact to the outside world, Senior Companions often provide the services that a frail elderly person needs to live independently.
Senior Companions also provide respite care to relieve live-in caretakers for short periods of time. They usually serve two to four clients through 20 hours of weekly service.

Senior Companions also help make the lives of the people they serve less lonely. Many Senior Companions serve clients for several years and form the most meaningful friendships in their lives.


Funded by the Corporation for National Service and New Mexico State Unit on Aging.